World On Our Shoulders - V.O.I.C.E Choir

In cooperation with Universal Studios the V.O.I.C.E Choir based in Vienna released their song World On Our Shoulders.

This was my first chance to assist in a bigger production.
Sebastian Siegel, main cinematographer of the choir, asked me for helping him out filming a performance of all involved musicians as a 2nd Camera Operator.
We also had another Drone Camera Operator helping out.

My kit mainly based on the following gear:

- Sony A6300
- Sigma 16mm E-Mount
- Rode VideoMic
- GorillaPod
- Multiple iPhone X/XS for additional wide-angle shots

On set we setup a 3-point lighting using ARRI Lamps (I do not remember the exact type at this moment).

The video is edited and produced by Sebastian.